BuzzQuack? What is it?

We are a family living in the middle of town in Austin, TX. When we bought our home (my first) I had dreams of landscaping for wildlife. It seemed like the best use of my small piece of earth.

As the transformation from turf grass and non-native and sometimes invasive plants to native plants that provide forage and cover for wildlife continued, I realized that with a few changes, I could not only provide for wildlife, but provide for my family and live lighter on the earth.

Thus began Transformation #2: The backyard garden. The urban farm. The homesteading project. It goes by many names and people take it to various levels of commitment.

My personal level of commitment is constantly changing. I cannot say that it grows each change. Sometimes I want to do more, and other times I want to do less.

If you’ve decided to some share a bit of my journey, welcome! I will try to keep it informative and interesting. There is so much for me to learn–you might be the person to help me understand something new. We can experiment together.

Let us all learn to teach, inspire, respect, learn, grown, and listen. It’s the best thing we can do for ourselves and each other.


3 thoughts on “BuzzQuack”

  1. I noticed that one of your tags was beekeeping. Are you currently doing that? I think it is fascinating and curious how one starts. By the way, I really like the look and feel of your blog!

    Leslie, ETWR 1471, Social Media I

  2. You ROCK, Sister Farmer. I put deposits down on two (I believe) local, organig, farm-raised turkeys for T-giving. Do you want one if I ordered two? Hoping the sweet potatoes will be ready by then….

  3. Hi Kat ! I tried to like, but just couldn’t sign up-got tired of trying, it didn’t like my password or something..hey ,I wanted to tell you we’ll be in Austin this Christmas, from the 21St to the 28th.I want to see you! Sounds like we have some new common interests too!

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