Planting in the Rain!

Here in Central Texas, we have been living through an on-going drought. Now, at the end of summer, my once pretty little raised bed garden has been turned rock  hard with deep crevasses.

You can only imagine how excited I was to hear the forecast of a 70 percent change of rain today! I added horse manure a couple of days ago to get things ready.

Today was the day of rain! Since it was a busy day, I didn’t get to start planting until it was already raining. It didn’t matter, I loved getting sopping wet while toiling in my soil.

Everything was wet. My clothes, my hair, my tools, my seed packets, my bit of earth–it was heavenly!

I planted my starts first. It just felt right. After I was finished, I made little seed holes to pop in the seeds. Lettuces, beans, radishes, and beets. Yum.

The beans went in first. They’re large, easy, and satisfying in their own way to put into the ground. The other seeds are so tiny, they can be a little frustrating.

But frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling I had when I picked up my paper seed packets only to find that the rain had unglued the seal and washed my little seeds away.

If they’re lucky, I suppose they’ll germinate where they fell (between my property line and my neighbor’s trash can).

Has that ever happened to you? What kind of unexpected surprises (good or bad) did you experience when you were not paying close attention?


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