Chicken’s On Strike!

I have heard of it happening, but I couldn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. My chickens are exercising their rights to collective bargaining! I’m perfectly willing to entertain their demands and will give them almost anything to keep them laying those delicious eggs, but there is one problem–I only speak broken Chicken and their English is much worse.

What do they want? I have seen scant few eggs in weeks!

I can make some guesses. Here is a list of my transgressions. Some were done by my own hand, and others were out of my control.

  • Pecking order disruption (new chickens)
  • Illness (from a day spent in the rain)
  • Fright (our dog ran into the coop)
  • Romance (new rooster)
  • Onset of autumn (declining day length), and
  • Nakedness (some are molting)

It seems that each of these events can make a flock stop laying for a while, and all of these things occurred at once in our coop. It was more than they could take.

I’ve heard that when they go on strike, it can last between one and three months! I never believed it before, but now I see it’s true. My girls have never stopped laying for a molt (or anything else), so it was all theoretical before. Now I get to see it first-hand.
I’ve been getting about 3-6 eggs per week! Typically, anything under 6 eggs per day is low. This is crazy. I might have to buy eggs from the grocery! That’s ridiculous!
I have been treating them for illness (there are 4 who are still showing signs) and I might consider putting a light in the coop to help with the lack of light, but everything else just has to run its course. Typically, I collect eggs a few times a day. Going entire days without any eggs is really strange.
I hope I don’t loose my regular egg customers. Sure, I could always find others, but I would miss my oldies. They are people who I truly enjoy but don’t see outside of buying eggs.
If you’ve ever gone through a strike, what started it? How long did it last?

One thought on “Chicken’s On Strike!”

  1. oh no! I had no idea that chickens went on “strike” for so many reasons, though I do like the fact that romance can cause this! Please keep us posted on the strike and if you pinpoint the reason (s).

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