How to Nebulize a Chicken in 6 Easy Steps

Okay, that’s a lie. It wasn’t easy and I couldn’t nebulizer her.

As some of you know, I mistakenly let my chickens play in the rain all day our first rainy day of autumn. They got sick, and I learned a lesson.

I’ve been trying to treat them with Bio-Cide OXINE® for a while, but I couldn’t figure out the best way to administer it. The fine folks at Revival Animal Health would have happily sold me a $300 fogger, but I’d rather have a roasted chicken…if you catch my drift.

So, I came up with a plan. I bought a used nebulizer for $10. They’re usually well over a hundred dollars, but this was missing its disposable parts. I planned to attach the plastic mask to a crate with the hens inside, drape the cage with a blanket, and nebulize them en masse. Brilliant, no?


Well, yes, but I ran into problems right away. The disposable parts both house and mist the medicine. I ran to the drug store only to learn that I needed a prescription just to buy the little plastic part. I told her it was for my chicken, her answer, “Visit your G.P. and maybe he will give you a scrip.”

This was too much.

Not one to give up, I set up the medicine (I mixed 1/8 teaspoons of Oxine with a gallon of water), I poured the medicine into a watering can, put the nebulizer tube into the can and turned it on. It bubbled away like a Halloween witches pot. I have no idea how effective that was, but I will say that after an hour or two, there was less water than before, so the medicine water went somewhere. Hopefully (thank you AP), it went into the hens’ lung sacs.

My final advice on how to administer Oxine to your sick chickens—go to Goodwill and buy a two dollar humidifier.


3 thoughts on “How to Nebulize a Chicken in 6 Easy Steps”

  1. Our dear departed feline who had many happy years with us spent her last few months being nebulized twice a day. I had to build a special crate but it made it very easy and didn’t scare the hell out of her.

  2. Oh my, what an ordeal! I can’t believe foggers, etc. are so expensive and that you needed a prescription for a plastic part. I hope your chickens get better. Keep us updated!

    1. Thanks, Iromoli, for the concern. Fortunately, I was able to secure my contraband from a kind soul who gave me one.

      I am so grateful for that kind soul, because Plan B might have been to buy a sub-machine gun from the gun store down the street (legal) to rob a pharmacy for a plastic medicine cup (illegal) and that just seemed like too much trouble for this girl.

      Bottom line, they are being treated and I hope to see improvement soon!

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