Where Oh Where Has My Little Buff Gone?

Buff Orpington, that is.

Buff Orpington Hen

I had a nice little Buff Orpington hen who vanished three days ago. All the chickens and ducks had been out for some late-afternoon/early-evening backyard time catching bugs, scratching dirt, and going about their chickeny ways.

When I went outside to lock them up for the night, the Buff was missing. We had been home all afternoon and evening and had been outside often. Never did we hear or see any irregular activity. But gone she was.

It was dark, so I figured she had hunkered down for the evening and that I’d find her in the morning. But no. No Sun Ray Moon Glow.

I checked the backyards of my neighbors (looking especially close at the yards with dogs) but saw no signs of foul play (sorry). There were no loose feathers scattered about–nothing! She vanished without a trace.

It is so curious.

I’ve decided that there is  only one reasonable scenario. I think an ambitious hawk flew off with her. That’s impressive as she was a full-grown, 7 pound hen.

I have a vision of a little family playing in their backyard when PLOP! came Sun Ray Moon Glow in the middle of the croquet game. Holy mackerel! What a surprise that would be!

Did any of you  did any of you see the story about the teacher in Naples, FL who was assaulted by a fish? It’s a must read and supports my supposition.

Have any of you ever found a lost chicken? Do you have any suggestions for coaxing her back?


4 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Has My Little Buff Gone?”

  1. It is a bummer and a continuing mystery. I keep checking my neighborhood list serve, but no word on a yellow chicken sighting.

    To put things into perspective, if I had to pick one to lose, she would have been it. She has been sick for weeks and I have not been able to cure her. I wondered if her days were numbered, but the mystery remains. (Sadly, the Dendgard I ordered for her just arrived yesterday.)

    As you know, things happen to chickens. Apparently, even more things happen to turkeys. I’ve heard people say that turkeys spend their time looking for ways to die.

    Maybe Sun Ray Moon Beam was part turkey, I don’t know.

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