Protect Your Basil!

Autumn in Texas is just nutty, but I enjoy it. Today, I indulged in a lovely late afternoon swim, and now I am thinking about my basil.  

Basil is a very sensitive plant and if you have it in your garden, now’s the time to start protecting it from the weather. For some of you in the northern climes, it’s a wee bit late.

By the time your temps dip into the 40s, your basil will likely tank and that’s it until next summer.

If you know me, you know that I grow basil almost exclusively for pesto. I looovvvveeeee pesto. On everything. But I also enjoy tossing in whole basil leaves into salads or on sandwiches. It adds a whole new dimension to tuna salad sandwiches-yum!

But lookie what I just found. A recipe for  Basil Limeade Shushies from Food & Wine Magazine. I’m going to harvest my basil tomorrow (it’s only getting into the 50s tonight) and I’m pretty sure I’m going to give this recipe a try.

Who wants to try it with me? Whip it up and let’s compare notes!



One thought on “Protect Your Basil!”

  1. Whoa! You need to know that I finally made this last night. It’s FANTASTIC! Give it a try and that’s to Food & Wine Magazine for coming up with this scrumptious treat!

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