Okay, I’m two days late. Now that I’m over my sugar high, I’m finally getting around to my DIY Halloween post. Here we go.

Fog juice. Oh yeah. If you have a fog machine, you can make a wonderful scary front yard with your machine and a little fog juice. The specialty Halloween stores sell fog juice for about $20 per gallon. Yikes, that’s a little pricey. Plus, I have to drive to go pick it up. 

“That just won’t do!” says little Miss I-can-make-it-myself-but-better-and-cheaper.

So, of course, I set out to make my own fog juice.  It’s very easy. I found this nice video from Big Mike Productions.

The ingredients are discussed starting at second #52. Mike says you’ll need distilled water (about 60 cents) and glycerin (about 3 dollars) and a few measuring and mixing containers. Easy.

So, I bought the two ingredients and made my juice. The recipe is simple, 30% glycerin and 70% distilled water. I did it and made beautiful fog. It really works well!

It’s fun and satisfying and I encourage anyone to do it, especially if you only need a little.

The problem I have is this. Big Mike (and other’s I have since found online) state that it will be much cheaper than buying pre-made fog juice. You know how much I want this to be true, but really, it isn’t.

I bought glycerin for a little over $3.50 (I’ll call it $3.50 to be conservative) and distilled water was 70 cents. So, I spent $4.20. Because the bottle of glycerin is 6 ounces, I can add 14 ounces of distilled water. So, I end up with 20 ounces of fog juice for $4.20. I paid 4.8 cents per ounce of fog. Cool!

But let’s do a little more math.

There are 128 ounces in a gallon. That’s a whopping cost of 6.4 cents per ounce.

Is it cheaper? Yeah, but not dramatically.

Is it more fun? Heck yeah.

I’m calling this one  a wash. Go for the fun and make as little or as much as you want, or pick up a bottle of pre-made because really, do you now how hard it is to find glycerin in your local pharmacy or grocery?  Serious, ask anyone, no one who isn’t a soap-maker knows that the heck it is. One store manager nearly called the FBI because he thought I was making a bomb.

Go either way on this one. Have fun with your special effects.


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