Roasting Peppers

I was at the grocery last week, and was delighted to see red bell peppers on sale for 50 cents each! I bought six. I meant to dehydrate them, but didn’t get around to it. Instead, I decided to roast them. I love roasted red bell peppers an just about anything.

Roasting peppers is easy! Here’s what you do:

Keeping your pepper whole, give them a wash and dry them. Put them on a shallow pan and pop in them under the broiler. What you want is for each side of the pepper to be charred black. It takes a while to reach this charred state, but don’t walk away! Once nice and black on one side, turn it a quarter turn and keep turning it until all sides are black.

Once well-charred, I like to put them in a bowl and place them in the refrigerator. Many people put them on the counter with plastic wrap, but I don’t. The fridge gets them nice and cool which separates the skin from the flesh. Once cooled, you can slide the meat of the pepper out of its skin and the seeds and stem pull right out. It’s very easy. The peppers almost peel themselves.

It’s nice to slice the peppers longways (they’re easy to use in strips) and put them in a jar with whatever juice you’ve managed to catch. They will continue to release juice into the jar and look lovely and delicious. Eat them on eggs, in salads or sandwiches, in soups, or pretty much anything you can think of. Let me know how it goes!

How to road red bell peppers
Blister peppers until black on all sides.

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