The Easter Bunny’s Got Nothin’ on my Ducks!

We here at BuzzQuack were delighted to discover out why our ducks suddenly stopped laying shortly after they started again for the season.

Secret stash of duck eggs!

The autumn temperatures became mild, and the ducks were happily laying, and then after a week or so, they stopped. It was frustrating. I had searched the yard for secret nests, but I found none.  Until yesterday afternoon. Finally, I tipped over the kayak and nearly fell over when I found NINE duck eggs.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence. While chickens will routinely lay their eggs in a nest box, ducks are a little less predictable. They might use the box, or a corner, or  a bush, or a pond, or, it seems, a kayak.

The eggs are probably fine for eating, but I am going to put these in the incubator. I’ve had bad luck hatching duck eggs, but I am going to try again. We have pure-bred Australian Spotted ducks and a drake, and we also have a couple of Khaki Campbell ducks. If you look closely, you can see there are 8 small blue eggs. Those are the Australian Spotted eggs. But there is also one larger, yellowish egg that came from a Khaki Campbell. All of the eggs are getting tossed into the ‘bator, so it will be interesting if the Khaki Campbell/Australian Spotted cross hatches. I didn’t intend on ever creating a cross, but I don’t want to eat a “found” egg, so we get a little science experiment out of the deal.

Wish me hatching success! I’ll keep you posted!


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