Incubating Duck Eggs

Duck eggs in LG Still Air Incubator
Duck Eggs in Incubator

Well, a couple of days ago, we discovered duck eggs under the kayak in the backyard. What a fun find! I suspect the oldest ones were only 4 or 5 days old, so they should be just fine. Yesterday, I warmed up the incubator to 101 degrees (ideally I would have warmed to 101.5, but my hygrometer only shows whole numbers) with 60 percent humidity. This should be the perfect start for duck eggs.

After allowing the eggs to come to room temperature, I placed the eggs in the incubator where they spent their first warm night. These first few days are very important for fertile eggs.

The temperature dropped after putting the eggs in. That is expected, but I was surprised that by this morning, it was still only 99 degrees. I hope it will warm up soon.

Fertile eggs need to be turned three times a day so the contents don’t stick to the inside of the shell. In previous hatches, I just hand turned each egg. This time, I put the eggs in an egg carton and a wooden wedge under one side. Three times a day, I’ll just move the wedge from one side to the other. This will make turning easy, and will guarantee that I won’t miss any eggs.

Fingers crossed, I’ll have ducklings in 28 days! Possible hatch date: December 13th!


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