Make Your Own Knitting Needles

Sanding Needle Points

Knitting is a well-loved hobby here at Buzz Quack. And shopping for yarns and knitting supplies is a great joy of ours. But what kind of DIY folks would we be if we didn’t occasionally make our own needles?

Making your own needles is an easy and fun project to do in the classroom,with 4H groups, or Girl Scout troops. Here’s what you do:

Girl Inspecting Knitting Needle Points

Buy a small diameter dowel from any hardware or home improvement store. They usually come in 48 inch lengths. Saw them into 4 one-foot pieces. Using a pencil sharpener, sharpen one end just like a pencil. The sharpened tips will be rough and extremely pointy. With a piece of sandpaper, sand the tip

Furniture Taps or Glides

down a little and the sides of the points.

Though not necessary, it’s nice to have a stopper at the end so your yard won’t fall off the flat end. We used Soft Touch by Waxman brand 3/4 inch plastic nail on glides. They were a bit difficult to hammer on without spitting the wood, but using a vise-grip  and a rubber mallet, we were able to do it.

What kinds of things do you make around the house? Share your tips with me!


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