Thanksgiving Egg!

3.8 Ounces

After spending Thanksgiving out of town, I returned home and, among other little chores, visited the chickens to collect the day’s eggs.

I might have been disappointed to find only three eggs, but that feeling quickly vanished  when I saw the size of one of the eggs. It is ginormous!

I compared it to the other eggs. All the other eggs averaged 2.4 ounces, but this monster is 3.8 whopping ounces. I have no idea what accounts for the occasional gigantic eggs, but this is the first real biggie here at BuzzQuack. This monster doesn’t even fit in the carton.

I don’t know what the biggest egg is, but the biggest one I could find this morning on the internet was found in China and it weighed 201 grams (about 7 ounces), yikes!


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