Hawk Attacks Duck!

Close up picture of Khaki Campbell Duck
Cadbury, the Khaki Campbell Duck

A large hawk attacked my Khaki Campbell duck this afternoon. I actually saw it from my bedroom window after the hawk landed on her. It was strange, the hawk was upon her standing upright with her wings wrapped around the duck. I could see the hawk’s head and body that seemed to turn into the duck’s body and feet.  Because their feathers were exactly the same color, it took my mind second to understand what my eyes were seeing.

We ran out and the hawk flew away. The birds that were not yet in hiding, scattered as the hawk flew up.

It was a large hawk. It was probably a red-tailed hawk, but I could not see its tail for a positive identification. I know it was not a red-shouldered. What I know with great certainty, is that it was huge!

Odd that it decided to take a 4-pound duck instead of any number of small pullets. We’re lucky though. A pullet or small hen wouldn’t have stood a chance against that hawk.

Chickens and ducks hiding behind coop after hawk attack.
Here they are, squeezed between the coop and the fence..
Picture of duck wounds after hawk attack.
The wound is hidden under her feathers.

After the hawk left to a neighboring tree (the Blue Jay’s squawked at it for quite some time), I had to hunt down my flock to get them into their coop. After a while, I found them hiding behind the coop. Smart birds.

Poor Cadbury took a beating, but I think she’ll be okay. She seems to have taken a some deep pecks to the head and neck. Her worst wound is in her leg where the hawk’s talons ripped her skin off.

Once the flock was secured, I bathed Cadbury in Oxine-treated water and smeared a thick layer of antibiotic ointment on her wounds. I gave her a clean crate with fresh straw, clean water, and high-protein feed (I added scrambled eggs, ground beef, and cheese to her usual feed). Picture of duck wounds after hawk attack.

I’ll post updates and she improves.


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