Good Uses for Bad Milk

I like milk in my tea. It’s my morning tradition. This morning, I was saddened to pour a dollop of milk into my cup only to see it curdle–a lot.

Because we drink raw milk, soured milk is not a bad thing. Actually, from a probiotic point of view, this is a very good thing.

My first thought was to give some to my dog and chickens and turn the rest into kefir or yogurt, but I wanted to find some new uses of my soured raw milk. So I found this fun list of 101 Things To Do With Soured Raw Milk from the Healthy Home Economist. What great ideas!

I’ve decided to make some raw cream cheese and whey. As discussed by the Healthy Home Economist, it’s very easy. Just place the milk jug on its side for 12 to 24 hours until the milk clabbers, strain the curdles from the whey, and bing, bang, boom–cream cheese and whey.

If you want to give this a try too, be sure to use raw, pastured milk from a farm. You cannot do this with pasteurized milk. If you don’t know the difference between pastured and pasteurized, but sure to read my post here.

If you drink raw milk, tell me how you like to use your slightly soured milk!


3 thoughts on “Good Uses for Bad Milk”

  1. This is wonderful! We buy raw milk from the local farm market and there’s DEFINITELY a difference. I LOVEEE cream cheese, so I’m going to make my own when our milk goes sour! Thanks for the info (:

  2. Where do you buy the raw milk? AND is it expensive? I remember as a child in germany we would walk down to the farmer with our milk container every night and get fresh milk..oh how I miss and loved it! -Dee

  3. I buy milk directly from a local farmer. It’s kind of expensive, $7.00/gallon, but I think it’s worth it.

    What a wonderful experience you had in Germany! I wish I had my own backyard cow to milk, but that is clearly not in my urban plans!

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