How to make Gluehwein

In Central Texas, it’s been a little winterish. Not too much winter this year, but we’ve had some chilly nights. On those nights, we’ve been enjoying some German Mulled wine, also known as Gluehwein. (I think that is pronounced Glue Wine.)

Wow, what a wonderful aroma! Making this is as much fun as drinking it. It’s a terrific treat for dinner guests or just your family.

Making gluehwein is simple. Here what we did:

In a crockpot or non-pourous pot, add a bottle of red wine, the juice of one orange, a cup of filtered water, a couple of cinnimun sticks, a half cup of sugar, and a fistful of mulling spices (you can buy mulling spices, but it’s so easy to make your own!). Warm it for a while on a very low heat, or let it simmer for an evening as you drink it. It’s heavenly!

Give it a try. Tell me how you like it!


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