Yellow Yolks

picture of eggs with very yellow yolksOne of the wonderful aspects of farm-raised eggs is the lovely yellow yolks. A free-ranged egg yolk stands up (because they are fresher) and the yellows are more colorful then industrial eggs with their so-often pale yellow yolks.

If you buy farm eggs, you know this to be true, but have you ever wondered why?


In Greek, xanthose means “yellow” and phyllon means “leaf.”

Xanthophyllis are found in the leaves of most green plants and are transferred into the bodies of the animals that eat them. It is what is responsible for the yellowish skin of a chicken, animal fat, and the yellow of yolks.

And there you have it. For a more in-depth discussion including explanations of Violaxanthins, zeaxanthina, de-epoxidase, and dinoflagellates (whew! What a mouthful!) visit Wikipedia article Xanthophyllis.

Why do you want to know that Xanthophyllis makes your egg yolks yellow? You probably don’t. But a little interesting knowledge is always more fun than a lack of knowledge, right? And super yellow eggs are really nice to have. They remind you that your food is fresh and was created the way nature intended it to be.

Life’s short. Eat yellow yolks!


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