Brew Your Own, Part 2! (Making wine from with fruit.)

Some people believe that wine must be made of grapes to be called wine.

Eh, that’s a little highfalutin for BuzzQuack’s simple sensibilities.

Since we’ve been making wine, we’ve always used kit wines (well, except for our first attempt, which was simply a packet of yeast dropped into store-bought grape juice and was absolutely undrinkable). Wine-making requires time, there is no way around that, but it does not require a lot of money. Once you have the basic equipment (some of which may be found at your local hardware store for a better price than a specialty brew shop), you can make all kind of fruit wines using fresh or frozen fruits.

After viewing many videos on making home-brewed wine, we thought we’d share this series crated by Expert Village. There are a lot of steps and Expert Village has broken each set of steps into separate little videos. Take notes as you watch and don’t let the many separate videos intimidate you. Dive right in! You won’t know how easy it is until you try!



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