Brew Your Own, Part 3! (Making Wine from Wild Plants)

Elderberry bush with berries.

Have you caught on that we like wine here at BuzzQuack?

Welcome to our third and final posts in our Brew Your Own wine series.

Three years ago, we planted an elderberry in a pot. This year, it was repotted into a very large pot. It would do better in the ground, but our little urban patch of earth doesn’t have space for it so we do what we can. We hope (our fingers are crossed, we’re doing a little luck dance, and clicking our heels on this one) that the elderberry will give us fruit this year. When it does, we will be making “country wine” with it.

Wine can be made from elderberries, dandelions, nettles, and other herbs.

Having not yet tried our own country wine recipes, we are far from the experts on this type of wine.  So here is a collection of websites that will help you make your own country wine.

Have fun and let us know how it goes!

Dandelion Wine

Elderberry Wine

Nettle Wine

Herbal Wines


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