What to do with Ruined Wine

Woman drinking terrible wine.A while back, we had the horrid experience of ruining a batch of wine. It was what should have been a lovely Chilean Malbec. But, during our primary fermentation, two tragic errors were made.

First, instead of spending about 10 days in the primary fermentation bucket, it sat for about a month. That’s far from ideal, but the wine may forgiven this oversight if it had not been for…

It was the second error that was the death knell. After letting the wine sit in the primary fermentation buck for a whole month, we then realized that we forgot to hammer down the lid to our fermentation bucket.

End result?

Oxidation. Undrinkable.

We ruined 30 bottles of Chilean Malbec. Ugh.

We are not going to drink 30 bottles of terrible wine, but we can’t toss it either. It is truly undrinkable as a table wine, but we’ve found that it’s a perfectly fine base for wine products.

Over the last few months, we’ve made some very nice sangria and gluehwein.

We thought about turning some of the sour wine into vinegar, but decided it would likely turn into sour vinegar. So we probably won’t bother.

Live and learn.

If your wine experiment goes bad, it might not be a total loss. Try turning it into something different, something spicy. There’s bound to be something you can do with it. But more importantly, pay attention to your wine!


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