Why Hate Gwyneth Paltrow?

Good Health Radiates Beauty!
Good Health Radiates Beauty!

Oh for heaven’s sake. I was going to write this morning about my beautiful irises that are blooming or maybe even the marauding raccoon that continues to dig the fish heads out from under my gloriously beautiful tomato plants, but no, now I’m going to write about my most unfavorite word, “hate.”

We throw that word around all the time like it’s nothing.

It’s not nothing.

It’s a big active word that carries big active emotions. I don’t use it unless I mean it. I probably used it twice last year, and that was a lot.

But this morning, as I was checking the news, I ran into an article that got my attention. Apparently STAR Magazine (which I refuse to link to) has an annual list called “Celebrates we Love to Hate,” or something to that affect. Maybe the folks at STAR Magazine think hate is funny, or maybe they think there is nothing too low that is worth a buck in their pocket; I don’t know. But what got my attention was that Gwyneth Paltrow topped their list (I don’t think this is the first year she topped it, but I can’t confirm and I don’t want to click around on their site to do the research.)

My initial response was surprise. She always strikes me as kind, I find her to be a captivating actress, and she’s so incredibly beautiful I could just look at her all day. Who’d hate Gwyneth?

Ooooooh, read on my little dears. Apparently, Gwyneth ranks high because she’s confident (apparenlty she said, “I’m really f***ing good at my job…” and we don’t like to hear women say that). And also because she advocates working out and eating REAL FOOD! She’s a huge advocate of eating well and feeding her kids real, good, healthy food.

Okay, so she said she’d rather die than feed her kids a big, chemically bowl of Cup-a-Soup. Clearly, an exaggeration. Is that a reason to hate?

What it seems to boil down to, is that because she tries to live well and tries to encourage others to live well, and people think she’s making other people, especially mom’s, feel bad.

If you do feel bad because Gwyneth Paltrow feeds her kids veggies every day, you might consider looking a little closer at your own self because Gwyneth doesn’t have that kind of power over you. Only you do.

Folks, we need to always try to do our personal best. Eat a salad, drink water, take a walk when you can fit it in. Tomorrow, try to do a little better. Sometimes we will succeed, and sometimes we will fail. Keep doing your best and feel good about it. And remember, your personal best will be different from everyone else’s. You may not be wealthily like Gwyneth (yes, of course, wealth does make life easier), but you can always do your personal best given your own personal boundaries and resources.

Alternately, you don’t have to do your personal best. You don’t have to care for your body at all. You have that choice. You can sit in front of the TV all day eating doughnuts–yes you can! But know that it does not give you the moral authority to judge others who are trying to educate and inspire.

Justin Beiber came in 8th place, only weeks after writing in Anne Frank’s guest book that he hopes she “would have been a  believer”–this is decidedly more distasteful than an aversion to Cup-a-Soup.

Chris Brown came in 20th place–TWENTIETH PLACE!!! Seriously? We can more easily forgive a man who nearly beats the life out of the woman he purportedly loves than a woman who pushes kale? Enough said. He will receive no further real estate on this blog.

Rock on Gwyneth Paltrow! You are the picture of good health and I admire your dedication to kids’ well-being.


One thought on “Why Hate Gwyneth Paltrow?”

  1. I will give Gwyneth a pass this time but I love to hate on the Beibs while forcing my shih tzus to eat donuts. In all seriousness I have found myself always not really liking her but on reflection I have no idea why I feel that way.

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