Cleanse your souls! (Or, disinfecting with Oxine)

Bottle of Oxine disinfectant
Oxine AH

Thanks to all of you for dipping the souls of your shoes in the foot bath before entering our yard. We are very grateful!

Several people visiting our coop asked about what kind of disinfectant we used in the foot bath and around our coop. I promised at least one person that we would post information here. So below you will find a compilation of websites that have a lot of information about Oxine.

We use it as a fogger in the coop (it keeps the chickens’ lungs healthy) and on a hose attachment to spray down the coop walls and nest boxes. This week, we will be spraying down the yard for a couple of post-coop tour days to kill anything that may have been tracked in from other coops.

We DO NOT activate it with citric acid when the chickens are around. A couple of times a year, we will activate it to spray down the coop, but on those day the chickens are in the yard and are not allowed back in until the coop is completely dry.

Oxine is a bit pricy, but it is so concentrated, one gallon should last you a long time.

A to Z Vet Supply


Oxine’s Material Safety Data Sheet

Revival Animal Health


Wikipedia (chlorine dioxide is the active ingredient)


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