The swarming bees!

We were so delighted that some of you were in our backyard when the bees started to swarm! You were all so brave! It’s a rare treat to be able to see something like that.

For those of you who missed it, at some point in the afternoon, some of our bees started to swarm. The yard was filled with bees leaving the hive and gathering into a ball on a nearby tree. The swarm activity lasted about 10 minutes. They stayed in the ball for about 30 minutes, and then they vanished. No one saw them leave. It was exciting.

I took a video of the swarm and will add it here once I find my camera! I know I had it by the end of the coop tour, but after the tour we kind of fell over in exhaustion and I have no idea where I put it.

So check back! Hopefully we can upload those videos soon!


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