What are those fabulous orange flowers by the patio?

Justicia_spicigera2We are so glad you asked! Those are Mexican honeysuckes (justicia spicegara). This is just the most fabulous flower ever. We almost didn’t plant it because it’s not native, but it is a near-native (native to areas just south of here). It has been the best plant ever! It flourishes and blossoms when wet or dry, in sun or shade, and in mild years it has blossoms year-round. It did freeze back twice, but the following spring came back better than ever.

We cannot recommend this plant enough. It attracts more butterflies, honeybees, bumblebees, moths, and hummingbirds than anything else in the yard. Sometimes, the hum of the bees is almost as loud as right next to the beehive. It’s amazing.

Best flowering plant EVER!


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