Diagnostic Charts for Coop Illness

Chicken doctor prescribing soup to chicken patient.Backyard keepers of poultry typically do not have the experience and know how that  you can find in the old-timer country fella who’s been raising chickens for 60 years, or the duck farmer who keeps thousands of ducks and can identify a particular illness at first glance. Likewise, not all urban veterinarians have specialized in poultry and may not have the skills to identify or assist in various poultry illnesses.

So, we urban, backyard, city keepers need to rely on each other to expand our collective breadth of knowledge. That’s what BuzzQuack is all about. Sharing as much knowledge as possible and promoting healthy, simple, clean living.

If you keep backyard livestock, you will eventually run into some kind of illness. With a little luck and attention to good management practices, your flock’s ailments will be insignificant. But there are times when some of us need to deal with really serious illnesses that may require even the most dire of actions–culling your entire flock.

Knowing the difference between a ragweed allergy (to be ignored) and Marek’s Disease (possibly a complete cull) is difficult and  intimidating. If you have an illness, you need to seek as much guidance as possible to deal with the problem quickly and appropriately.

It is with these thoughts that we decided to put together a collection of diagnostic charts. They are organized into groups: Symptoms, Medicines and Dosages, and Poo (yes, poo). We hope you find these resources useful. Please fell free to share your helpful resources with us!


Waterfowl Diagnostic Chart from the Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary

Poultry Diseases and Medicines for Small Flocks from University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Program

Common Poultry Diseases from University of Florida

Respiratory Diseases from American Poultry Association

External Symptoms for Diagnosing Poultry Disease from APA ABA Youth Poultry Club


Dosage Chart for the Small Flock Owner from Chicken Chatter

Treatments for Leg Problems in Poultry from  Poultrypedia 

Medicine Chart for Chicken and Poultry from Poultrypedia

Chapter 18, Formulary provided by Harrison’s Bird Food.


Chicken Poo Chart from Pluck and Feather 

Poo, the Chicken Keeper’s Guide  from Allotment, Grow Your Own


One thought on “Diagnostic Charts for Coop Illness”

  1. A really great idea. Veterinarians certainly aren’t willing to help. I still cannot find a vet that I can e-mail and ask “does this seem like this and would this work to fix it?” even if I am a regular customer. 😐 We really do need to rely on eachother!

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