Bread Making Basics

100_1485Everyone should make bread.

Maybe it’s not necessary to make all of your own bread, but  every now and then you should. It’s easy, and it makes your house smell better than just about anything.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a loaf of store-bought bread? If not, you’d be surprised to see how many ingredients you’ll find. I recently read the ingredients of a “better” loaf of bread in my grocer’s (my favorite grocery brand) and found Continue reading Bread Making Basics


What to do with Ruined Wine

Woman drinking terrible wine.A while back, we had the horrid experience of ruining a batch of wine. It was what should have been a lovely Chilean Malbec. But, during our primary fermentation, two tragic errors were made.

First, instead of spending about 10 days in the primary fermentation bucket, it sat for about a month. That’s far from ideal, but the wine may forgiven this oversight if it had not been for… Continue reading What to do with Ruined Wine

Good Uses for Bad Milk

I like milk in my tea. It’s my morning tradition. This morning, I was saddened to pour a dollop of milk into my cup only to see it curdle–a lot.

Because we drink raw milk, soured milk is not a bad thing. Actually, from a probiotic point of view, this is a very good thing. Continue reading Good Uses for Bad Milk

Coddled Eggs

coddled eggs

Wanting to try something new, I thought I’d learn how to make coddled eggs. After reading several recipes, here’s what I did:

I took some custard dishes and rubbed the inside with a bruised garlic. Then, I rubbed the inside with some butter. I cracked today’s freshest eggs into the bowl, poured a little cream around the edge, seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil. Continue reading Coddled Eggs

Roasting Peppers

I was at the grocery last week, and was delighted to see red bell peppers on sale for 50 cents each! I bought six. I meant to dehydrate them, but didn’t get around to it. Instead, I decided to roast them. I love roasted red bell peppers an just about anything. Continue reading Roasting Peppers

Stock Up!

Making Bone Marrow Soup StockWith winter coming, it’s a good time to start making soup stock. If you like soup, you really need to learn how to make your own stock. It’s delicious and better for you than anything you can get in the store. Yes, it’s more work than unwrapping a little bouillon cube, but if you have a crock pot, you will be surprised how easy  it is.
It’s easy, and it’s tasty, but  the best thing about making your own stocks is that it’s really good for your health. Continue reading Stock Up!