Brew Your Own, Part 1 (Making wine with a wine kit)

wine kitsWe’ve been making our own homebrew wine here at BuzzQuack for years now. Our first batch was terrible! Terrible!! We affectingly refer to it as prison wine—meaning, it wouldn’t have tasted worse if we made it with our own…bodily fluids. Continue reading Brew Your Own, Part 1 (Making wine with a wine kit)

Good Uses for Bad Milk

I like milk in my tea. It’s my morning tradition. This morning, I was saddened to pour a dollop of milk into my cup only to see it curdle–a lot.

Because we drink raw milk, soured milk is not a bad thing. Actually, from a probiotic point of view, this is a very good thing. Continue reading Good Uses for Bad Milk

Incubating Duck Eggs

Duck eggs in LG Still Air Incubator
Duck Eggs in Incubator

Well, a couple of days ago, we discovered duck eggs under the kayak in the backyard. What a fun find! I suspect the oldest ones were only 4 or 5 days old, so they should be just fine. Yesterday, I warmed up the incubator to 101 degrees (ideally I would have warmed to 101.5, but my hygrometer only shows whole numbers) with 60 percent humidity. This should be the perfect start for duck eggs. Continue reading Incubating Duck Eggs