What to do with Ruined Wine

Woman drinking terrible wine.A while back, we had the horrid experience of ruining a batch of wine. It was what should have been a lovely Chilean Malbec. But, during our primary fermentation, two tragic errors were made.

First, instead of spending about 10 days in the primary fermentation bucket, it sat for about a month. That’s far from ideal, but the wine may forgiven this oversight if it had not been for… Continue reading What to do with Ruined Wine


Tomatoes–Queen of the Garden

tomatoes on a vineThe most glorious veggie in the garden is without a doubt, the tomato. Right off the vine, a warm, sweet tomato is one of summer’s greatest pleasures. Here at BuzzQuack, we planted our tomatoes a couple of weeks ago. It was too early and we suffered some losses as a result. We were impatient and paid the price.

We like to share our successes as well as our failures, so sit back for a dose of foolishness. Continue reading Tomatoes–Queen of the Garden

Brew Your Own, Part 1 (Making wine with a wine kit)

wine kitsWe’ve been making our own homebrew wine here at BuzzQuack for years now. Our first batch was terrible! Terrible!! We affectingly refer to it as prison wine—meaning, it wouldn’t have tasted worse if we made it with our own…bodily fluids. Continue reading Brew Your Own, Part 1 (Making wine with a wine kit)

Yellow Yolks

picture of eggs with very yellow yolksOne of the wonderful aspects of farm-raised eggs is the lovely yellow yolks. A free-ranged egg yolk stands up (because they are fresher) and the yellows are more colorful then industrial eggs with their so-often pale yellow yolks.

If you buy farm eggs, you know this to be true, but have you ever wondered why? Continue reading Yellow Yolks