Choosing Chicken Breeds

Cockoo marans, Swedish Flower hen, back copper marans, Australian Spotted ducks.

Not sure what type of chickens to get? One of my favorite sites to read about breeds is the Henderson Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart. Continue reading Choosing Chicken Breeds


Planting in the Rain!

Here in Central Texas, we have been living through an on-going drought. Now, at the end of summer, my once pretty little raised bed garden has been turned rock  hard with deep crevasses. Continue reading Planting in the Rain!

One Egg, Two Egg, Red Egg, Blue Egg

Eggs is eggs!

Last week, I met a nice, elderly woman at the farmer’s market who was disappointed that there were no pastured eggs for sale. I invited her to my home and hooked her up with a dozen from my back yard. Continue reading One Egg, Two Egg, Red Egg, Blue Egg